Wild Boys of the Road 1933


First National Pictures / Warner Brothers

A fellow from Arizona was kind enough to send me a copy of this movie on DVD after reading my original Obscure Train Movies website. I had never heard of it before, but a good chunk of the picture features 1930’s depression-era railroading on the Southern Pacific Railroad.

See what IMDb has to say about “Wild Boys of the Road”


Wild Boys pelting railroad dicks with eggs from atop box cars

It tells the story of thousands of down-on-their-luck teenagers who wind up riding freight trains in search of none-to-be-found employment. Being a Warner’s picture, there’s lots of action and raw Lord-of-the-Flies type debauchery. There’s even a rape scene with vigilante justice dispensed promptly.

Amidst all the carnage, we get a close-up look at what appears to be an SP reefer  refrigerator car) yard with a nice assortment of SP, Pacific Fruit Express, Western Pacific and Union Pacific box cars.

The filmed scenes are remarkable for the many kids riding on top of boxcars and bailing off as the trains are moving. Imagine filming  that in this day and age. They must have used quite a few stunt doubles.


Wild Boys jumping off a moving train

There’s only one actor in this picture you may have heard of. Do you recognize him in the picture below? That’s a very young Sterling Holloway, better known as the voice of Winnie The Pooh.



“Bears love honey and I’m a Pooh Bear…”

Wild Boys of the Road is not available for purchase, AFAIK, but I  believe it plays occasionally on the TCM network.

If you have ANY information about this movie, please contact me at:

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