Terror By Night 1946


Universal Studios

Dig that crazy movie poster!  Despite the English “look” to this picture, it was all filmed in Universal City, California.  The mostly British cast starred Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce who made a series of 12 Sherlock Holmes pictures for Universal.  Terror By Night takes place on a LMS train from Euston Station in London to Edinburgh, Scotland.

The basic premise of the flick are the attempts to steal the fabulous “Star of Rhodesia” diamond from its owner as they travel overnight from England to Scotland.  Just a short 60 minutes long, “Terror” packs a lot of action and suspects into its rolling tale of whodunnit.  Let’s tag along.


Holmes and Doctor Watson chat it up onboard the train to Edinburgh.

tbn003 tbn004

Clock’s-eye view of the interior of Euston Station; Steam engine pulls into the station as passengers stream up the platform.

tbn006 tbn007

Holmes recognizes Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard dressed up in fishing kit (but actually onboard to guard the diamond); The conductor warns Holmes of the trains imminent departure.

tbn009 tbn010

Holmes wondering where Watson is; Watson (with his companion, Major Duncan-Bleek) run to get aboard the already-moving train.

tbn014 tbn016

Steam train scoops up water from track pans; Watson and Holmes see the Star of Rhodesia diamond for the first time.

tbn019 tbn020

In the dining car, Sherlock keeps an eye on the femme fatale (there’s ALWAYS a femme fatale…); Rather obvious model of an English train rounding a curve.  This movie was done quick and on the cheap.

tbn022 tbn023

Holmes, Watson and Bleek-boy in the dining car with the shade carefully pulled down, so you can’t tell it is a movie set;  Well, this is awkward.  The femme fatale catches the Inspector and Holmes pawing through her unmentionables as the conductor looks on.

tbn025 tbn027

A couple more cheesy models to keep the action rolling along.

tbn024 tbn028

Inspector Lestrade catches the thieves….of hotel teapots!; Whoa! Someone is trying to kick Holmes off the train!

tbn037 tbn048

Decent image of what appears to be a real train at platform; whistle blasting away (they used this shot about 5 times in the movie).

tbn036 tbn034

Hands!  On the throttle; And about to snuff the sleepy LMS porter….

tbn039 tbn040

Holmes and Watson watch as the train stops in Scotland to board the police.

tbn044 tbn045

You’ll never take me alive, copper!; Just 5 pounds? That’s not much of a deterrent….


Is this what you’re looking for?

For such a bare-bones production, Terror By Night tells a pretty good story with plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing.  Not a bad Obscure Train Movie and well worth a viewing.  Elementary!

Here’s what IMDb has to say about Terror By Night:

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