The Canadian 1955

cp1001 cp1004

A Canadian Pacific Presentation
An Associated Screen Picture

In 1955, Canadian Pacific Railway introduced its flagship train, The Canadian to the traveling public.  This film features the on-board amenities and scenery of a journey west from Montreal and Toronto to Vancouver.  Each trainset was decked out in fluted, stainless street and built by the Budd Company.  Pulled by GMD FP7 diesels, each train featured a mid-train Skyline Dome and end of train Dome Observation car.

cp1024 cp1091

“You can look up, down, all around…”.  CP Skyline dome riders gaze past pale fuchsia curved beams at the darkness outside;  The Canadian rolling through spectacular Alberta scenery.

cp1007 cp1026

CP FP7 diesels split searchlight signals somewhere out West; Route Map of the Canadian.  Note Canadians originated in both Montreal and Toronto combining in Sudbury, Ontario for the journey West.

cp1027 cp1028

Fancy stainless steel conductor’s station for checking in passengers; At the gate with the dome observation in the background.  Yaaaa! He’s twisting my arm!

cp1030 cp1033

Two frumpily dressed gals are shown around their sleeper by the porter; Lots of frowning old people riding the dome on CP train #1.  Is that guy in the back giving us the finger?

cp1039 cp1040

CP 1420 leads The Canadian through a tunnel and along Lake Superior.

Let’s take another look at the train interior.

cp1008 cp1010

Riding in coach.

When the train was delivered from Budd, there were not enough stainless steel coaches available.  In many of the train rollbys, you can see three heavyweight coaches at the head end painted to appear as fluted stainless steel.

cp1015 cp1016

cp1017 cp1018

Interior of the dining car; Typical place setting in the diner; Meeting the chef in the kitchen; Meat locker in the kitchen.

cp1022 cp1023

Conductor showing folks around the dome observation – first in the rounded end of the car; second above in the dome.

cp1061 cp1055

Let’s head further West.  Here’s the Canadian trundling through some serious mountains (note the GMD GP7 tucked in after the F’s); More glum old people in the dome. 

cp1058 cp1063

Note the 3 heavyweight coaches I mentioned earlier at the head of this consist; rounding a curve in the Canadian Rockies.

cp1064 cp1065

Train #1 arriving at Banff, Alberta;  My mom had that exact, same camera.


Meet shot!  CP trains #1 and #2 pass between Lake Louse and Banff.

cp1079 cp1080

CP #1 at Morant’s CurveThe Canadian – transporting the Geritol set since 1955.

cp1081 cp1084

Dropping down The Big Hillinto Field, BC; CP #1 exiting the lower Spiral Tunnel.

cp1087 cp1088

Arriving in hazy Vancouver, BC; Unloading lots of luggage…from the dome car?

cp1074 cp1075

A final “coming and going” view of The Canadian in the Rockies.


A very enjoyable travelogue.  OK, it would have helped to show a little cheesecake along with that scenery — or at least someone under the age of 45.  Still, this flick is a timeless look at The Canadian when it was brand new in all it’s red-accented glory (I never did understand the VIA electric blue and yellow colors, but I digress).  Oh, Canada!

The Canadian 1955 was available as a DVD from Greg Scholl Video Productions   I couldn’t find it there, but was able to get a copy on good old Amazon dot com.

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