Breakheart Pass 1976

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Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Great Western Railway #75 stars in this mid-1970’s thriller filmed along the spectacular Camas Prairie Railroad in Idaho. With the story taking place in Utah, GWR #75 and equipment are painted up for the fictitious Wasatch & Nevada Railroad. The little 2-8-0 gets a fake cabbage stack and subdued paint scheme (they even paint the drivers mineral red).

Featuring a rather high body count (by my estimation, approximately 84 including two carloads and caboose full of soldiers), Breakheart is definitely not a family movie. BUT…all the essentials are here for a classic obscure train movie. A runaway train. Big fight atop train. Indian attack. A little cheesecake (provided by Jill Ireland). Aaaand an exploding baggage car. Let’s check out this mess of a storyline and just enjoy the railroad and scenery!


Throw Papa from the train! A stunt double dummy gets the heave-ho as W&N #9 crosses a tall trestle.

bhp006 bhp010

W&N #9 pulls into the little hamlet of “Myrtle”; The brakeman sets a car brake with his club. Remember this scene for later on in the picture.

bhp012 bhp017

Expendable soldier extras line up alongside their bunk cars and caboose; Mmmm…looks like Charles Bronson’s been a bad boy.

bhp022 bhp030

Having a drink in the lounge onboard the “Governor Fairchild” (what kind of self-important weenie names a private railcar after themselves?); Setting down to dinner. Hey, that’s Joe Kapp of the Vikings pouring coffee!

bhp026 bhp028

Good shot of the train rounding a curve; As the train stops to send a message (note telegrapher crouched near lineside pole), you get a view of the line ahead.

bhp031 bhp033

Wood stop. That hand-painted 9 on the smokebox door looks very cartoonish, but the gold and mineral red accents are much more understated; Cylinders, drivers and steam.

bhp034 bhp036

#9 and train blasts out of a tunnel and onto one of the many high trestles on the Camas Prairie.

bhp042 bhp043

Looking up at one of the trestles; Reverse view of the train – again note the line in the background.

bhp049 bhp048

Merrily we roll along…; Expendable extras — none of whom thought to go out and turn the hand brakes.

bhp053 bhp054bhp056 bhp057

What looks like a Northern Pacific caboose and two work cars lurches off the track and turns to kindling in a stupendous derailment. Fortunately, they didn’t make the extras ride it out (no bodies visible).

bhp060 bhp061

Just like that, the train is now rolling through the snow – seen here in a couple of great helicopter shots.


Heading for the locomotive up front, Bronson stumbles along the snow-covered roof of the coach (using the aisle inside is for wusses…).

bhp063 bhp063b

Look out Charles! It’s Blacque Jacque Shellaque! Just kidding. The knife-in-mouth fellow is none other than light-heavyweight prizefighter, Archie Moore. He and Bronson are set to rumbllllle!!!

bhp068 bhp069

After great struggle, Bronson bonks the boxer with a Captain Kirk flying leg kick!; Arrrrrgh! Archie arches off the attic into the abyss! (of COURSE they’re going over a tall trestle at the time…)

bhp076 bhp077

Another great trestle shot; Indians! However, ten points off for DISMOUNTING from their horses to attack.

bhp078 bhp079

Looting the baggage car (they’re stealing rifles); Still plundering, we get a good view of the front end cars and tender of #9.

bhp080 bhp085

Sabotage! Bronson has been placing dynamite charges along the track with spectacular results; As the Indians watch dumbfounded, Charles rides by, lobs a dynamite bundle into the W&N #102 and….AND….

bhp086 bhp087

Ka-BOOM! Fireball! (you’ve GOT to have a fireball when you blow up the baggage car).

bhp088 bhp089

Good rods down shot of #9 and train; Bronson marches off past bodies as the credits roll.

Breakheart Pass sets a high standard for railroad action amongst some of the finest scenery on film (compare to Denver and Rio Grande 1952 reviewed earlier). Great Western #75 is still around and in the process of restoration over at the Heber Valley Railroad in Utah. The second subdivision of the Camas Prairie (where the movie was filmed) has had the rails pulled up, but many of the bridges and the line are still visible today.

Here’s what IMDb has to say about Breakheart Pass:

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