Von Ryan’s Express 1965

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Twentieth Century Fox

Eleven years after Frank Sinatra appeared in Suddenly, he starred in yet another railroad movie. Filmed in Italy, Spain and the studio back in Hollywood, Von Ryan’s Express is the tale of WW2 Allied prisoners commandeering a train and making a run for neutral Switzerland.

Frank plays the anti-hero, USAAF Colonel Joseph L. Ryan who leads the onboard train revolt in this action-packed war picture. Lots of scenic train vistas, fiery explosions, and even a little cheesecake in the form of Italian actress, Raffaella Carra.  I say we take a train ride with Frankie and escape from those pesky Krauts!


Engine 51 sweeps over a magnificent arched viaduct as it heads north to Germany with its trainload of Allied prisoners.

vr002 vr005

Our first train scene occurs 42 minutes into the picture. Here we see Frank, Trevor Howard (as the perpetually-disgruntled Major Eric Fincham) and others loading into wooden FS rolling stock.

vr015 vr017

Before you know it, the train is sweeping into Rome where it comes to a halt for the first meal stop.

vr019 vr020

The train driver (played by Vito Scotti) looks back as the Germans roll out their soup kitchenat gunpoint.

vr023 vr024

Frank and Trevor talk it over with the officer in charge. That gent with the rakish eye patch is Italian actor Sergio Fantoni who plays Captain Oriani. Lots more FS freight cars in shot as the POWs head for the chow line.

vr025 vr026
vr027 vr029

Whilst the prisoners partake, a private car is switched onto the rear of the train for the convenience of the German officers. As the train pulls out of Rome, we get a nice close up view of the steam locomotive and sleeper-lounge-observation.

vr031 vr034

Frankie gets a piece of scrap metal and pries the wooden floorboards up. Next thing you know, he’s on top of the car, rope in hand, to bushwhack the expendable guard.

vr039 vr040

At the next water stop, they take over the private car too. Hey, the kommandant has a map of the route! How convenient!

vr037 vr038

Soon enough, the Allies discover the kommandant’s mistress Gabriella (hubba-hubba) in one of the rooms and hustle her up to the lounge area.

vr041 vr051

Seig Heil! One of the Allies (Costanzo as played by Edward Mulhare) speaks fluent German and is immediately recruited to pass for the kommandant — and head up to the tower at Florence and reroute them towards Switzerland. Frank poses as his machine gun-toting aide.

vr052 vr053

The ruse works and soon they are on their merry way towards Milan. Gabriella sashays by with a couple cereal bowls as the boys plot their next move.

vr057 vr058

The train stops to take on water and we get a decent view of the rather ornate waterspout.

vr063 vr064

The treacherous Gabriella makes her escape to betray the Allies. Ow! Ow! Ow! She still looks faaaaabulous as she is offed, just steps from the local police station. So. It’s going to be a total weinerfest the rest of the trip. Dang!


Meanwhile, back at headquarters…. “My Bologna has a first name. It’s O-S-C-A-R…”

vr069 vr071

On the outskirts of Milan, Von Ryan’s Express trundles through during an air raid with fireworks aplenty. The train is on fire!

vr079 vr080

The next morning the barely-singed train is passing through Passo Malajo, just 130 kilometers (80 miles) from Switzerland.

From this point on, the filming location switches from Italy to Spain (in El Chorro, a region of Málaga).

vr083 vr085

The prisoner’s train soars across another magnificent arched bridge (love those “portholes”!). Bad news. The Krauts are onto them and racing along with a trainload of soldiers in pursuit.

vr087 vr088
vr089 vr092

As if that weren’t bad enough, the Germans have also sent in the Luftwaffe to strafe and shoot missiles at our intrepid escapees. Frank and the boys shoot back from the locomotive.

vr091 vr093
vr094 vr095

One more tunnel to freedom in Switzerland and then….rocks on the tracks! Slide the drivers on the little 2-8-0. The train comes to a halt just short of the blockage.

vr098 vr110

Great. Now what do we do? Pull up a rail behind us and bring it forward! (with trackwork tools conveniently located in nearby bins).

vr103 vr105

The Germans are stopped, but not for long. Unload those men! Schnell! Schnell!

vr107 vr108

The Krauts move cautiously forward.  Yaahhhh! Get ’em, Frankie!


Aaaaand, the credits roll. Well, not just yet. I’ll let you guys watch the movie and find out the ending for yourselves. It’s pretty good.

While not exactly obscure (anything with fellow Jack Daniels-lover Frank Sinatra CAN’T be obscure), Von Ryan’s Express is a great picture for an evening’s entertainment and since it’s loaded with train scenes and action, you can’t miss. The best is yet to come.

Here’s what IMDb has to say about Von Ryan’s Express:

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3 Responses to Von Ryan’s Express 1965

  1. Baolu Korst says:

    I see lots of cleavage 😛😛


  2. It’s train-related! Honest! 😝


  3. Glenn Aylett says:

    The actress who played Gabriella, Raffaela Carra, later had a massive hit single in Europe in 1977 with a song caled Do It Again. Not many people realised that she had her first big break playing the murderous Gabtiella in Von Ryan’s Express.


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