The Brave Engineer 1950

brave001 brave002

Walt Disney Pictures

It’s the Legend of Casey Jones as whimsically interpreted by the animation gods at Disney Studios during their heyday. The cartoon is narrated by Jerry Colonna with musical soundtrack provided by The King’s Men.

This animated short is action from start to finish with all sorts of barriers to Casey bringing the U.S. Mail in on time. Floods, livestock, damsels-in-distress, train robbers and villains — nothing can stop our brave hero! But what about that oncoming double-headed freight train up ahead? Let’s enjoy a fresh look at an old-time American hero!

brave005 brave011

Casey is aghast his train might be late as he is continually checking his gold pocket watch; Casey’s 4-4-0 engine #2 snorts and rears up on its haunches as it prepares to rocket off down the track.

brave003 brave004
brave006 brave007

Casey’s train rests in a riverside yard awaiting the call to duty; With an armed guard supervising, the mail is painstakingly loaded aboard as Casey awaits the signal to start. Love those Elvis-class mutton chops!

brave010 brave012

The conductor waves his green flag and they’re off!

brave008 brave009

This comely lass at the depot is partially disrobed as Casey speeds past.

brave013 brave017

Racing through an impossibly complex patchwork of track, #2 leads its baggage car and caboose on a wild ride through the yard. The dispatcher shakily records Casey as departing on time.

Note the next two engineers on the call sheet are Ward Kimball and Mel Shaw, both Disney animators.

brave021 brave023

When it rains, it pours; Casey resorts to paddling his train along using his coal shovel.

brave030 brave029

A bossy cow has haughtily placed herself in Casey’s path as he hastily tries to explain he must not be late!

brave034 brave036
brave038 brave037

In a Perils of Pauline moment, a sinister cad has tied a sweet young thing to the tracks. Undaunted, Casey stands on his cowcatcher, scoops the nubile nymph off the right-of-way, and hands her off to a stationmaster. Curses! Foiled Again!

brave040 brave042

Evil dynamiters and banditos are unable to stop our hero.

brave041 brave043
brave044 brave045b

Yikes! All that skulduggery has made me late! A nice view of #2’s backhead with various gauges and even a “water glass” or two. Casey’s really got his train moving now. He’s going so fast, the rails melt!

brave047 brave050
brave051 brave052

There’s trouble ahead on the line. A double-headed freight is coming towards them on the same track with two 4-8-0 “Mastodons” blasting away for all they’re worth. The conductor frantically tries to warn Casey, but our rear-facing engineer assures him they’re on time.

brave053 brave055
brave056 brave058

The oblivious Casey continues to hurtle his train down the mountainside. The pipe-chewing uphill engineer has spotted the mail train and frantically whistles a warning. It looks like a cornfield meet!

Is this the end for our hero? Will they stop in time? Will the mail get through? For crissakes, will Casey be on time? Find out in the next exciting episode of….

Oh, okay I got a little carried away there. Anyhow, if you’d like to view The Brave Engineer (and find out their clever twist of an ending), it is available on YouTube:



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