Out of Scale 1951

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Walt Disney Productions
RKO Radio Pictures

It’s Chip and Dale versus Donald Duck in this cartoon short from the 1950’s. In the grand tradition of Walt Disney and Ward Kimball, Monsieur Duck has constructed a magnificent miniature railway empire in his backyard.

D. Duck is what is known in the model railroad community as a “rivet-counter”. Everything must be to scale (in proportion) to his layout: buildings, trees, even the tiny shovel he uses to scoop coal into the firebox.

There’s trouble when Señor Duck bumps into an enormous, chipmunk-bearing tree he has managed to overlook. Let’s see Donald working on the railroad!


Sir Duck has quite the set up in his fenced-in back forty. Note the snow-capped mountains, bridges, roads and a minutely-detailed town.

oos002 oos003

Roaring out of a tunnel and through the yards comes 4-4-0 #2 with its short train.

oos007 oos008

Striking a classic engineer pose, Donald brings his train to a stop at Canyonville to take on water.

oos010 oos012

Donald checks his railroad pocket watch, then heads off down the track.

oos013 oos014
oos015 oos019

Super-detailing his layout includes a roll of “field” for his farm and scale trees to install. Whilst planting his orchard, he encounters a huge tree, much to his displeasure, then digs it up and places it on a flat car to relocate. Not much of a root system on that tree!

oos020 oos021

Chugging down the track, Chip and Dale pursue their now-mobile home. They jump onto the caboose, apply the brake and send Donald flying.

oos023 oos024
oos025 oos026

The chipmunks chew Engineer Donald out for moving their acorn stash, but the loco duck zaps them with his oiling can and chases them all over the layout.

oos027 oos028
oos029 oos030

Donald loses them at Canyonville, but notices smoke lazily curling up the chimney of one house — which he approaches monster-style. To his surprise, Donald discovers the chipmunks are actually to scale (note his ruler) and starts messing with them (delivering milk in full milkman gear, creating storms with a water hose, etc.)

MUCH plot left off here.

oos032 oos032boos033

Finally the chipmunks make a break for it and steal the train with their tree.

oos034 oos035

Approaching a tunnel, the tree is knocked off the flatcar and winds up on the tracks — which the train then cuts through like a buzzsaw.

oos037 oos039oos040 oos041

Donald is ticked off that the big tree straddles his tracks, but Chip and Dale point out as a famous tourist attraction, it is indeed to scale. A placated Donald blows the whistle and trundles through hisgiant redwood“.

I found a good copy of this short on Daily Motion HERE, but no guarantee how long it will stay there.

Not a bad little train “movie” which I had never heard of until I did a little searching online. With many books and videos out there about the real backyard empires of Disney and Kimball, it’s fascinating to see how that translated into animation.

Here’s what IMDb has to say about Out of Scale:

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