The Cimarron Kid 1952

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It’s a shoot out at the Sierra Railroad roundhouse! Audie Murphy (Bill Doolin / The Cimarron Kid) stars in this Technicolor Western alongside three different Sierra steam locomotives.

Having just been released from the hoosegow, Bill Doolin soon falls back in with his old outfit, the notorious Dalton Gang. Soon they’re robbing banks, holding up trains and just generally being obnoxious. Fortunately, there’s some feminine pulchritude involved, so it’s not a complete weinerfest.

Audie Murphy also appeared in another railroad oater, Night Passage, previously reviewed on this blog.

Let’s check out this iron horse opera from the Fifties. Yee-ha!


Galloping towards the turntable pit come Audie and the boys. From this overhead shot, we get a glimpse of (from right to left):

Sierra RR #3, 1891 Rogers 4-6-0, currently in-service at 1897 Railtown.
Sierra RR #18, 1906 Baldwin 2-8-0, stored derelict at Merrill, Oregon.
Sierra RR #24, 1912 Baldwin 2-8-0, scrapped in 1955.

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Sierra #3 whistles along through the dark; nice interior with extras slumped in the plush seats; Train Robbers!; Striped pants? That thief is quite the fashion maven.

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ck011 ck012

The Dalton’s recognize Doolin; soon the gang is bailing off the train; After the crooks leave, the men-folk turn on Doolin and accuse him of being an accomplice — nice detail shot of the coach interior.

Much plot left off HERE

ck016 ck017

The Dalton’s ride again! The film presents a montage of train robbery, express offices being blown up and bank holdups. Here we see the gang riding up as Sierra #3 and train roll by. Check that nifty “short” coach after the express boxcar!

ck018 ck019

“Is that a ten gallon hat, or are you just glad to see me?”; “Here, I think this ring will fit our budget.” In between hold ups, Doolin has managed to take up with local girl Carrie Roberts, a sweet young thing played by Beverly Tyler (rawr-RAWR!).

ck032 ck038

Shortly thereafter is the big gunfight at the roundhouse. The grimacing gal operating the turntable is the dusky Cimarron Rose played by Yvette Duguay.

ck035 ck036

Action shot alongside Sierra #18 as another henchman gets it.

ck039 ck040

Dashing past the tender of Sierra #24; blasting away next to Sierra #3 (with front number plate blacked out).

ck041 ck042

For some reason, Doolin gets up in the cab of #3 and blows the whistle. Next thing you know he’s on horseback beside #18.

ck044 ck046

Another hench bites the dust as #18 and #24 look on; Mount up! Driven off by a pursing posse, the Daltons make off on horseback.

ck047 ck048

As they escape across the turntable, we get one last look at the “whisker tracks” leading into the roundhouse.

A good 15 minutes of plot left off HERE

ck055 ck057

Doolin is still at it. A crooked RPO clerk has let him on board with nefarious plans to heist the treasure onboard.

ck060 ck065

GOLD!!!  Audie and company open the gold bar boxes — heaving them overboard into the grasp of waiting accomplices.

ck071 ck072

Well, Doolin has got to get away from the scene of the crime and jumps off the RPO into the ballast.


Two girls for every boy….

Well, wasn’t that fun? Audie and Sierra Railroad’s finest combine for an introduction into 1960’s surfer music.  Great movie.  Lots of action and simply chock full of obscure steam train panoramas, especially the shootout at the Sierra’s Jamestown, CA roundhouse.

Here’s what IMDb has to say about Cimarron Kid:

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  1. me says:

    bare shoulders are definitely back in fashion this year – good pick dear! 😉


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