Face of a Fugitive 1959

fof053 fof001

Columbia Pictures

Fred MacMurray (as the crook Jim Larsen/alias Ray Kincaid) and Sierra Railroad #3 star in this fugitive-from-justice oater. Handcuffed to a lawman and on his way to prison via train, Larsen is sprung from captivity by his brother’s intervention.

Complications ensue when Larsen must re-board the same train, assume a new identity (Kincaid), and evade the authorities armed with a not-very-clear wanted poster. Will he give them the slip?

MacMurray also gave a memorable performance in a classic film noir from 1944, “Double Indemnity”.  Hmmm…. D.I. had an SP train scene in it…might have to review THAT one for my blog next year!


As the sheriff waits trackside, Sierra #3 and train pulls into the station at “Enterprize Mines, Wyoming” with the 4-6-0 putting out a tremendous plume of black smoke.

I did my review from a Daily Motion video apparently taken from a broadcast on MeTV. Many, many apologies for the resultant, hopelessly-fuzzy screen caps in this installment…. ;p

fof004 fof005

Here we are at Coleman, Wyoming where Fred/Jim is put aboard the train. Sierra #3 leads its consist through the weeds (very artsy fartsy shot, Mr. Director!).

fof008 fof011

Two more “night time” shots (probably camera-irised-down in daylight) as the train rolls along.

fof013 fof015

Ahh…daylight. Okay, here’s the fuzz waiting for Jim-boy as Sierra #3 puts on a great display. Dig those GREEN cylinders!!

fof017 fof018
fof020 fof021

Well-lit shots at Enterprize Mines. As the consist pulls past, we get a good view of Sierra Railroad’s “shorty” passenger cars #6 and #5. Having changed into his other clothes, Kincaid ponders where to board. Meanwhile, little Alice Bailey is boarded onto coach #6.

fof022 fof026

As the train is pulling out, Kincaid climbs aboard at the last moment. The only seat available is next to the precocious Alice (played by Gina Gillespie) who immediately chats him up.

fof024 fof025

Whilst the child’s destination is clearly indicated on a tag attached to her pinafore, Fred does his best impression of the Great Stone Face.

fof028 fof029

Nice low light view of the 4-6-0’s drivers churning along; #3 and train trundles through the foothills of Tuolumne County.

fof030 fof031

A posse flags down the train as Alice & Ray look out the window.

fof032 fof033

The sheriff explains their intentions to the engineer as one of his deputies scrutinizes the passengers onboard car #6.

fof035 fof036fof037 fof038

The deputy is charmed by Alice’s sparkling repartee and thus pretty much ignores ex-con Fred (HEY, careful where you point that thing….). The posse closes the baggage car door on car #5 and the engineer heads off down the track.

fof040 fof041fof043 fof044

Before you know it, Sierra #3 arrives in Tangle Blue, Wyoming. Kincaid helps Alice down the steps and into the arms of her widowed mother, Ellen Bailey (played by Dorothy Green)

fof045 fof047

Well, hello there! At the depot, Ellen and Ray are immediately drawn to one another.

The depot scenes mark the end of the train action and thus my review.  HOWEVER, E & R become quite the item for the rest of the picture — they keep bumping into one another and romance, of course, blossoms. I won’t give away any more plot, but if you MUST know, it is HERE:


Anyways, 22 minutes of train action in one movie is pretty decent so Face of a Fugitive is okay in my book. If you’d like to view the same, grainy video I watched, be my guest:

Here’s what IMDb has to say about Face of a Fugitive:

If you have ANY information about this movie, please contact me at:


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3 Responses to Face of a Fugitive 1959

  1. Oats says:

    Hey, I know someone who was born in that year 😜


  2. That’s me! That’s me!


  3. Matthew Cole says:

    That’s not #3 in a lot of those shots. Looks more like #34.


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