McLintock! 1963

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United Artists
Batjac Productions

Wow, this movie was a LOT of fun to watch! They even made a comic book about it (ahh…watch where you’re pointing that rifle, John….).

Yes sir, John Wayne (as George Washington “G.W.” McLintock) and Maureen O’Hara (as Katherine Gihooley McLintock) were just part of this star-studded Western donnybrook filmed in glorious Technicolor and Panavision.

We are also treated to three separate scenes featuring Virginia & Truckee #22 4-4-0 Inyo which was owned by Paramount Studios at the time.

Let’s jump right in with both feet and enjoy this comedy oater from back when Hollywood still knew how to make an entertaining picture. With spankings.


Here disguised as Southern Pacific #9, Inyo pulls a mixed train (passenger and freight) beneath a tremendous plume of smoke. That’s good welded rail underneath V&T #22, not something you’d find in the 1890’s.

mcl006 mcl007

Nice shot of the McLintock depot in Southern Pacific weathered yellow/brown. The station sign reads, “6,000 feet above sea level”. Hey, there’s Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction! Man….Edgar Buchanan sure seems to appear in a lot of my reviews. Here he plays the local prospector/layabout/curmudgeon “Bunny Dull”.

mcl008 mcl010

Nicely framed by cactus and lower-quadrant semaphores set at “proceed”, John Wayne heads over to the nearby stockyard. As the Inyo rolls up in the background, G.W. talks over the price of moo-moo cows he’s going to ship East. Big Macs on the hoof!

mcl011 mcl013

G.W.’s sidekick Drago (played by Chill Wills) prepares to fire his revolver skyward to get everyone’s attention for John Wayne’s little speech from the loading chute. Behind is a decent view of the nose of V&T #22. Close up of John/G.W. reveals the freight train behind him.

mcl015 mcl016mcl017 mcl018

As the short train leaves town, we get our best view of the elaborate script “Southern Pacific” on the tender — as well as Inyo’s cab and trailing freight cars. That’s John Wayne’s son Patrick Wayne (as Devlin “Dev” Warren) trackside with Uncle Joe/Bunny.

mcl020 mcl022
mcl019 mcl021

Is it cold in here? The battling McLintocks discuss lovely daughter’s imminent return. Louise Warren (played by Yvonne De Carlo rahr-RAHR!) has it out with Kate. Aaaaaand just for the sake of feminine pultritude, I include these two vistas of assorted dance hall girls and G.W./Kate during the infamous mud hole scene. No trains, but top notch scenery.

mcl025 mcl026

Sure enough, the townsfolk have turned out at the station as SP #9 hauls Becky McLintock homeward from college.

mcl028 mcl029

There’s even a brass band on hand as we get a good look at Southern Pacific coaches 4 & 5.

mcl031 mcl033

Becky (played by a very young Stefanie Powers, hubba-hubba!) greets Mom & Dad. I like the fancy painted-to-match-the-coaches step box next to the conductor between cars 4 & 5.

mcl035 mcl039

Also on the train are a box car full of Indian Chiefs! That’s Chief Puma (played by Michael Pate), G.W.’s old adversary having a chat trackside.

mcl040 mcl036

Two more general views of rolling stock: V&T 22 as SP 9 and a low light view of the rear of the train — note the short siding or set out track which will figure prominently in the final train scene.


mcl045 mcl046
mcl047 mcl048

The movie’s finale begins as an SP box car full of rifles and ammo is mysteriously opened. Why, it’s smelly old Bunny Dull! What’s he up to?

mcl050 mcl051

Under “unofficial” orders from Boss G.W., the local Indians are given horses to ride and weapons to hunt with.

mcl049 mcl054

mcl053 mcl055

A train load of U.S. Cavalry is racing towards town to put the Indians onto a reservation — but they’re a little too late as the tribe makes their escape.  Note the station order board is now set at stop.

This ends the train scenes and my review.

Oh…..the spankings?  Let me see here…..

mcl043 mcl057

Like father, like son. G.W. appreciates the cut of Dev’s jib and grants his permission to marry feisty daughter Rebecca. But not before Dev administers a little frontier justice. Towards the end of the picture, G.W. finds himself also smacking wildcat wifey’s bottom. The punishment works and G.W. and Kate live happily ever after.


One more view of the dynamic duo consummating their wedding vows as Becky & Dev look on. GREAT shot of the lovely Maureen O’Hara (yowza!). I just love a happy ending.

This is one of the better Obscure Train Movies I’ve reviewed in quite a while. It was a pleasure to actually visit Virginia & Truckee #22 in Carson City, Nevada and ride in the cab last June (2018).

Here’s what IMDb has to say about McLintock!:

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2 Responses to McLintock! 1963

  1. Baolu Korst says:

    Love the trajectory of the gun, both ends I mean! 🙂


  2. The cartoonist is just pointing out the facts of life to see if the kiddies are paying attention.


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