The Lone Wolf Takes A Chance 1941

lone001 lone002

Columbia Pictures

Yet another case of sleeplessness (maybe I should mention this to my doctor), led me to discover The Lone Wolf Takes A Chance (1941) in the wee, small hours of the morning. This film is the 5th in a series of nine “Lone Wolf” movies that starred Warren William as retired jewel thief Michael Lanyard. Now reformed, Lanyard devotes himself to helping private citizens solve crimes. The police still don’t quite trust him.

Most of the train scenes happen at night (it’s kind of hard to see or get decent screen captures), so apologies for that.

Despite the murkiness, there is quite a bit of train action featuring two Southern Pacific steam locomotives #2445 and #2447, both Class P-5 4-6-2 Pacifics built by Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1912. The movie itself is very entertaining. What say we check it out?


SP 2447 enters “Coasterville” (hastily renamed SP station) where the cops are waiting to arrest our hero, Lanyard.

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Last Train From Gun Hill 1959

gun001b gun001

Paramount Pictures

Kirk Douglas (as Marshal Matt Morgan) and Anthony Quinn (as Craig Belden) star in this very well done western drama about a lawman seeking justice for his murdered wife.

Of course, the REAL star of the show is Virginia & Truckee 4-4-0 #22, “The Inyo” back in the days when it was owned by Paramount. Indeed, most of its scenes in Last Train From Gun Hill are filmed on the Paramount back lot on a short stretch of track and in “town” on a movie set.


V&T #22 lets off a little steam as it prepares to leave Gun Hill. Built in 1875, the Inyo is still around and occasionally trotted out to operate at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City.

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Eccentric Engineer 1976

ee002 ee001

Universal Television / NBC

The Adventure of the Eccentric Engineer was an episode during NBC’s one season of the Ellery Queen television show from 1975-1976. Making a cameo (he gets bumped off right away) is Ed McMahon as Lamont Franklin. Here he watches his model trains operate dressed up as an old time steam locomotive engineer.

The rub is that Lamont/Eddie McMahon (as my wife calls him — long story) quit his job at his own successful company to “go play with trains at home”. Everyone thinks he’s gone nuts. But not so fast! Why would someone bump this guy off? What’s so important in that train room? Let’s come along and find out!


Ellery Queen (played by Jim Hutton) breaks the fourth wall and challenges the viewer to guess who did the murder. In the background is the magnificent O gauge layout built (I’m guessing) just for this episode.

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Breakheart Pass 1976

bhp001 bhp003

Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Great Western Railway #75 stars in this mid-1970’s thriller filmed along the spectacular Camas Prairie Railroad in Idaho. With the story taking place in Utah, GWR #75 and equipment are painted up for the fictitious Wasatch & Nevada Railroad. The little 2-8-0 gets a fake cabbage stack and subdued paint scheme (they even paint the drivers mineral red).

Featuring a rather high body count (by my estimation, approximately 84 including two carloads and caboose full of soldiers), Breakheart is definitely not a family movie. BUT…all the essentials are here for a classic obscure train movie. A runaway train. Big fight atop train. Indian attack. A little cheesecake (provided by Jill Ireland). Aaaand an exploding baggage car. Let’s check out this mess of a storyline and just enjoy the railroad and scenery!


Throw Papa from the train! A stunt double dummy gets the heave-ho as W&N #9 crosses a tall trestle.

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Twentieth Century 1934


Columbia Pictures

The film’s namesake refers to New York Central Railroad’s crack express train, The 20th Century Limited. Unfortunately, most of the train “action” occurs onboard (thus on a set) in a Pullman sleeper and adjacent lounge car.

On the positive side, John Barrymore (as Oscar Jaffe) and Carole Lombard (as Lily Garland, aka Mildred Plotka) not only chew the scenery, they steal every scene they’re in. It’s a madcap, screwball comedy masterpiece. Let’s take a ride on the NYC…


NYC #5319, shown in this montage, was a 4-6-4 Class J1e Hudson that would have, indeed, pulled the Century. Sadly, NYC did not see fit to preserve any examples of their famous Hudson class steam locomotives (or their Mohawks, or their Niagaras…), scrapping the lot of them.  Bastards.

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Holiday Affair 1949

haf001 haf003

R.K.O. Radio Pictures

I first heard about this movie…from a magazine! As a long-time subscriber to Classic Toy Trains magazine, I was delighted when my December 2016 issue featured a film which used a Lionel train set as a pivotal plot device. As its title implies, Holiday Affair is a Christmas-themed love story with the twist of a little boy discovering the joy of an O-gauge model train set.

Starring Robert Mitchum, a 22 year old Janet Leigh and Gordon Gebert as little Timmy, the picture is an obscure train movie from the post-World War 2, golden age of Hollywood. I had to get my own copy on DVD.


The December 2016 cover of Classic Toy Trains magazine (Edited by my good friend, Carl Swanson) features a well-written article by CTT Senior Editor, Roger Carp about Holiday Affair.

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Snow 1963

snow008 snow003

British Transport Films

Whilst nosing through yet another online list of train movies, I came across this short film from Great Britain. Snow (1963) documents British Railways’ struggle coping with the Big Freeze of 1963. Even though I don’t normally review foreign films, some themes are universal. Like dealing with copious amounts of the white stuff. As a bonus, steam engines were still plentiful on BR at the time, with most of the footage in color. Break out the shovels and wedge plows and let’s get to work.


The milk must go through! Looming through a steam cloud of its own making, Tank Engine 80072 saunters up to the platform to take on a load of moo juice. This 2-6-4 “Standard 4” tank engine (built at Brighton Works) was rescued from the scrap heap and beautifully restored to operation by a dedicated group of enthusiasts.

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