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This is what I’d rather be doing — operating an EMD SD45!  Fergus Falls, Minnesota, Monday, July 18, 2005 during the GNRHS convention. I’m at the throttle of GN #400 “Hustle Muscle”.

In addition to this ongoing project known as Obscure Train Movies, I am also involved with the following two sites:

Great Northern Railway Page    Creator and webmaster

Great Northern Railway Historical Society    Creator and former webmaster.  Board Member 2006 to 2011, 2015 to 2017.  Member since 1997.

Now semi-retired, I work part time for a nationwide home improvement company close to home.  I have lived in the Pacific Northwest for almost 40 years and still enjoy getting out and railfanning the old Great Northern mainline through Stevens Pass.


If you have ANY information about these movies, please contact me at:


4 Responses to Stuff I do

  1. Richard says:


    Very impressed by your site. Thank you.

    You might find this interesting . Train segment at the end of the movie escaping burning toen.

    Scene of trestle collapse and train falling into gorge. Train is still at bottom of gorge and can be seen on Google earth.

    Cut/paste from imdb:

    The wreckage from the train crashing into the river is still there today, decades later! The wreckage is located at N 47°19.785 W 123° 38.595, along the Wynoochee River, near the Olympic National Forest in Washington State.

    Carson City, NV


  2. Hi Richard…

    Thanks for the tip! Although you’ve already done
    a great job researching this movie with your links,
    I still might want to review! 😉

    I’ll add it to my list and check it out. Heck, an obscure
    train movie with the Joker (Frank Gorshon)?
    Sounds good to me!


    Mr. Lindsay Korst
    Redmond WA
    (Dave’s an old friend I’m trying to find.)


    • Richard says:

      I have been thinking of going up there for years, maybe 2018, who knows? Redmond is a lot closer, about 14 hours from Carson City but a lot of great stops along the way…

      Think over the years I have seen the movie five or six times. Lately it has appeared on Turner Classic Movies a couple of times a year. The Joker certainly is a bonus and Joyce Taylor, controlled by Howard Hughes, fits in with the beautiful scenery.


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