Train Trouble 1956


Clokey Productions, Inc.

Season 1, Episode 21

I remember seeing this Gumby Claymation classic on TV reruns when my age was in single digits.  It was so cool because not only did they use actual toys, but the locomotives had realistic sound effects.  The deep-throated steam whistle of the big Pennsylvania engine sent chills down my spine.  The trains all made their own track as they went along which added to their fast-moving appearance.

Let’s check out this 1950’s railroad-themed animation and the model equipment used.


Toro! Gumby plays matador as he is charged by a Lionel O-scale Pennsy steam locomotive — carrying green “section following” markers, no less.


Gumby receives a letter that he has won first prize in a breakfast cereal contest.  The award turns out to be a little HO-scale switch engine.  The 0-4-0 soon busts out of it’s box and races around the toy room, making its own track as it goes.


Gumby operates a model Michigan crane to snatch up the locomotive as it goes by;  Using the crane, Gumby places the switcher between two toy blocks.  This doesn’t stop the engine for long, as it slams the block aside and escapes.

Notice the lettering on the tender of the 0-4-0 which reads, “Le Mer RR” (the ocean?).  It was suggested by one of my sources, the engines were relabeled to prevent any copyright infringement.

Not content with staying put, the 0-4-0 steamer heads across the street from Gumby’s house to a conveniently-located Toy Store.  Inside, the 0-4-0 meets up with a brawny Lionel steamer.


The HO switcher and O-scale road engine trade whistle signals and “chuff-chuff” with each other;  Gumby sees a very small toy engine atop some building blocks.


Lots of cotton represents steam as the Lionel engine rears up on its haunches like a bull about to attack;  The big Pennsy engine charges Gumby.


Matador Gumby eggs the O-scale steamer on with his red cape; Pow!  Gumby does a summersault as the Pennsy engine clobbers him.


Finally, the 0-4-0 switcher warms to Gumby and comes over to be inspected;  The little HO switcher buckles as Gumby tries to climb aboard.


Gumby shrinks down to HO-scale size and takes a ride; The small, toy engine atop the blocks gives a final toot as the cartoon draws to a close.

I found some good information posted by “Wiley207” (Thank You, Sir!) about the locomotives used by Clokey Productions in various Gumby shorts:

I wasn’t able to locate “Train Trouble” on DVD, but did find it on You Tube, if you care to watch:

If you have ANY information about this movie, please contact me at:


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