More Obscure Train Movies

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Greetings Obscure Train Movies blog followers!  As of January 2020, I have reached the effective limit (140+ movies) that I can post here on O.T.M.  As a result, I have started a new blog entitled, More Obscure Train Movies.

As before, I will continue posting two railroad-themed movie reviews at the beginning of each month for your (and my) reading enjoyment.

Thus, to get your “free ice cream”, click on any of the links (including the above graphic) on this post which will whisk you to

Thanks for reading and enjoy your visit!   Blog-master LIN-Z


About Lindsay Korst

Webmaster, Blogmaster, Ferroequinologist - Lindsay Korst works for a nationwide home improvement center after a 20+ year career supporting computer users. A resident of the Seattle area since 1976, he has had a life-long interest in railroads, particularly those in the Pacific Northwest. He is an enthusiastic participant in the Great Northern Railway Historical Society. He and his wife reside in Redmond, Washington.
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2 Responses to More Obscure Train Movies

  1. Chris Eaton says:

    Lindsay – a couple from the UK which might not be particularly obscure, so not sure if the fit into your categorical list
    cheers and keep safe
    Chris E from Staffordshire


  2. Jo Glum says:

    Lindsey – your tremendous work and dedication is all that stands between us and the dreaded corona blues. Please keep well, and keep going!


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